Making Things Happen

I founded Oregon Embedded on the principles of effective leadership, diligent research, and meticulous attention to detail.
For over twelve years I've striven to uncover the critical, unique conditions in every project and to offer thorough, practical,
effective solutions to my clients.

My electronics process includes circuit design, layout of printed circuit boards, procurement of components, assembly of prototypes, and automated testing of the product. My software designs include the spectrum of embedded firmware, Android, software for desktop, and full web-enabled designs for projects covering a wide geographical area.

   Electronic Circuit Design
   PCB Layout & Schematic Capture
   Firmware & Software
   Prototypes & Manufacturing
   Technical Writing & Procedure Development
   Automated Testing

A dedication to technical innovation is what made this skill set possible.

If I can assist you or if you have any questions then by all means feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Craig Pataky,
Principal Design Engineer