Battery Life Calculator

Capacity rating of battery (mAh) mAh = milli-Amp-hours
Current consumption of device during sleep (mA) mA = milli-Amps
Current consumption of device during wake (mA) mA = milli-Amps
Number of wakeups per hour If always on, enter 3600 here.
Duration of wake time (ms) ms = milli-Seconds. If always on, enter 1000 here.

The output of this calculator is an estimate, not a guarantee.
Capacity is automatically derated by 15% to account for some self discharge.
Other factors such as temperature can extend or shorten the battery life.

mAHr Capacity of typical batteries that we're likely to use:

 AAA 1200 (Alkaline)
800–1000 (NiMH)
 AA 2700 (alkaline)
3000 (Lithium-Rechargeable)
1700–2900 (NiMH)
 C 8000 (alkaline)
4500–6000 (NiMH)
 D 12000 (alkaline)
2200–12000 (NiMH)
19000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
 9V Transistor 565 (alkaline)
1200 (lithium-Primary)
175–300 (NiMH)
 6V Lantern 26000 (alkaline)
 CR2032 240 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
 CR2016 90 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
 1/10 D 1000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
 4 Farad Cap 1 (loses 1 volt in 1 hour at 1mA)